Wondercide All Ears Treatment - Ear Mite & Infection

  • $19.99

GENTLY RELIEVES PAIN AND ITCHING. Wondercide stops uncomfortable symptoms like swelling and excessive scratching. 

ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS. All ingredients are human-grade and gentle enough to use on young puppies, kittens, and pets with sensitive skin. 

SOLVES TWO MOST COMMON PET PARASITE PROBLEMS. Both ear mites and ear infections are prevalent pet health issues that require a simple and accessible solution. 

HELPS PREVENT RECURRING EAR ISSUES. Avoid the frustration of stubborn parasites and ear infections by attacking them before they become a problem. 

EASY TO APPLY. You don’t need a prescription for this effective solution, and it’s convenient to apply yourself. 
Size: 2 fl. oz.
Purified water, Organic Oils of Neem, Lavender, Cedar & Lemongrass, Natural Emulsifier Made of Plant Materials & Tea Tree.
How Does It Work
Wondercide Ear Care: Ear Mite & Infection treatment contains organic, non-toxic ingredients like cedar oil and neem oil. Cedar oil is a long-standing and effective solution for getting rid of pests. It affects octopamine, a compound that’s essential to pests’ survival. Meanwhile, healing neem oil soothes itching and inflammation. If you notice blacks spots, excessive scratching, and head shaking, reach for this natural, organic, and holistic vet-recommended remedy that will leave your pet feeling clean and comforted.