Wondercide Detox - Liquid Bentonite Clay For GI Health

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PROMOTES A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. Supports normal detoxification, and is safe for everyday use for dogs & cats. 

PULLS HARMFUL PARTICLES FROM THE BLOODSTREAM. As the body is detoxified and stimulated, your pet’s immune system is supported.

MULTIPLE BENEFITS. Supports GI Health, a normal inflammatory response and normal liver function. May help calm the stomach from occasional nausea and can be used for occasional loose stool or gastric distress.

EASY TO USE. Pet parents can give to pets orally once a day or as needed.

NATURAL & ORGANIC. No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy or dairy. All Wondercide products are made in the USA from human-grade ingredients and are safe around children.
Size: 32 fl. oz.
Calcium Bentonite Clay (32 fl oz or 8.325 mg)

Purified Water
How Does It Work

The use of clay for wellness purposes, called pelotherapy, dates back centuries. A number of animal species instinctively ingest clay, so it's no wonder modern day pets can't get enough of rooting around in the mud!

DETOX calcium bentonite clay has strong negative ionic absorptive properties. When taken internally, it pulls harmful, positively charged particles from the bloodstream to support wellness. As the body is detoxified and stimulated, your pet's immune system is supported. 
It is a powerful detoxing agent for stimulation, transformation and transmission of energy that assists cellular revitalization. Mined from a pristine source, DETOX is a clay of unparalleled purity.